The Workshop Review Process

You can ask the presenters to review the workshop information for their sessions. There are several reasons why you want to do that:

  • Get presenters to review the basic workshop information like description, what to bring etc. and confirm it before going live with it on the website or in printed materials.
  • Confirm that the presenter is still able and willing to deliver their workshop(s).
  • Comfirm the times to make sure that there is no conflict.

Activating the Review Process

To turn on the Review process:

  • Click Program >> Workshops in the menu on the left
  • Click Setup Workshop Proposals
  • Open the Online Presenter Site tab on the bottom.
  • Go to the Review Process section.
  • Change Ask the presenter to review and confirm their workshop? to Yes


There are a number of options:

Allow the presenter to make changes or send you a message to make their changes for them – You can let the presenter edit the information directly if you select Presenter can edit the information or they can submit a request if you select Presenter can send a message and ask for a change. Enter the email address of the person you want to get notified with the request under Email address to be notified when the presenter requests a change.

Allow the presenter to add co-hosts/moderators? – 

Allow the presenter to upload files to share with the attendees – If turned on the presenter can upload files to be shared with their attendees. They can select if the files are available before the workshop or after.

Text – Introduction on the home screen – This text is displayed on the homepage in the Review box when the presenter logged in. 

Text – Asking them to review their workshops – This text is displayed on the top of the Presenter site. Use it to explain to them what it is that you are asking them to do.

What does it look like for the presenter?


Review Page (if the presenter can request changes)

Form to edit workshop information

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