Are you allowing attendees to substitute their registration with that for a colleague?

Here is what we suggest that this process should look like:

  • Create a one time invitation code that allows the new attendee to register for free.
  • Pass that invitation code on to the person who wants to be substituted.
  • Let the substitute register and use the code to bypass the payment process.
  • Once the substitute is registered at an entry on the account of the new attendee to charge the fees. Select the option that the fees were NOT already paid.
  • Add a second entry to the same account for a payment by cash. Reference the registration of the cancelled person by writing ‘Transferred from registration John Doe R123456’.
  • Cancel the registration of the first attendee. Enter an entry in that account that credits the conference fees that were paid. Add a second entry that issues a cash refund and enter ‘Payment was transferred to James New R23456 due to substitution’ in the description.
  • All done.

Why are we doing it this way?

We want to keep a proper record of the substitution so we don’t just overwrite the first registration with the new one. We also want to keep you from refunding the wrong person in case the event is cancelled for example or the substitute needs a refund.

Stay out of the financial transaction

We recommend that you stay out of the financial side of the substitution. Let them deal with the money.

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