Invitation Codes for Exhibitors

You can create an Invitation Code if you want to give exhibitors a discount or have them sign up for free.

  • Click Exhibitors in the menu on the left
  • Click the Invitation Codes button at the top
  • Click the button New Invitation Code button

Fill out the form:

  • Code (all characters will be converted to upper case)
  • Description
  • Given to (internal use only)
  • Select the type of discount
    • Free (no charge)
    • Percentage (requires you to specify the percentage)
    • Fixed Discount (requires you to enter the amount)
    • Fixed Price (requires entering the fixed price)
  • Limit Total Use of Code?
    If Yes is selected you will need to specify how many times the code can be used.

Click Save to save the code.

Once the code has been saved you can Edit, Delete or Make it inactive it.

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