Group Registrations

Do you have groups that want to register?

There are a couple of options if you have groups that want to register depending on how they want to handle payment:

#1 – They are OK to make individual payments for each registration

They can simply register one at a time and pay one at a time. If you want to give them a discount then issue an Invitation Code that gives them a discount (fixed amount or percentage).

#2 – If they want to pay altogether

Ask them to contact you if they want to register a group. Issue them an Invitation Code so that the individual members can complete the registrations without having to pay. Once all are registered you have choices depending on how they prefer to pay:

Payment by Cheque, Money Order or Purchase Order – you can issue them an invoice with instructions on how to pay. They will make the payment directly to you. You should record the charge and payment in the system if you want accurate numbers and reports from the system. There are no payment fees for this method.

Payment by credit card online or over the phone through easyREG – contact and send him the total amount owed and the contact information for the person who will make or arrange the payment. We will deal with it and issue a receipt once the payment was made. The usual credit card payment fees apply.

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