Charging an exhibitor additional money

Sometimes you need to charge an exhibitor additional money. It is easy to do.

Each exhibitor has an account where all financial transactions are recorded such as charges, payments, credits, and refunds.

Find the Exhibitor and click Money >> Account.

Click the Add Entry button.

Pick ‘Charge additional money‘ under ‘What would you like to do‘.

A new question ‘Have you already received payment?‘ is displayed. Select ‘Yes’ if you already collected the money. ‘No’ if you still need to collect. If you select ‘Yes’ another question is shown to find how the money was paid.

Enter the amount without a dollar sign.

Enter a description of the charge under ‘Description‘. The description will be shown on the receipt.

Click ‘Save Entry‘ to save.

The account now shows a positive total which means that the attendees owes you money.

You can click ‘Email Payment Link’ to send them an email to pay the outstanding balance by credit card online.

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