There are two ways that attendees can cancel their registration:

#1 – Link on the event website

If you are allowing attendees to cancel their own registration then they can simply click on the ‘Manage Registration’ link in the menu and select the option “CANCEL registration”.

They enter their registration code, review their information as well as the cancellation policy and click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Refunds are not automatically issued

The system does not automatically issue refunds. It is up to you when and how much you are refunding. Even if the attendees cancels their registration themselves they will not receive an automatic refund.

#2 – Contacting you and ask for cancellation

  • Log into the administration site at
  • Click Registrations in the menu on the left.
  • Find the registration by browsing by the first letter of the last name or by searching for their last name, first name, email address or registration code.
  • After each name you will find a cancel button. Click the button.
  • An overview of the account is shown so that you are aware of any financial transactions. 
  • If a credit card payment was processed by easyREG you will be given the opportunity to issue a refund. It is up to you if you refund and how much.
  •  Enter the reason for the cancellation.

You can issue refunds at any time

Your cancellation policy may state that all refunds will be issued at a certain time, e.g. when the event is over. You do NOT have to issue the refund at the time of cancellation, it can be issued at any time later before the final statement is issued.

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