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In the days of Covid-19 most in-person events have been cancelled as it is no longer advisable to meet in large groups, which has opened up the world to the possibilities of virtual conferences. easyREG wants to help you organize the best virtual conference. A virtual conference is not a second best alternative but a real alternative to in-person conferences and allows you broaden your audience globally. Some enthusiastic feedback we have received from virtual event attendees includes:

I feel like I got a lot more out of the convention this year mostly because of the virtual sessions. I would have missed most of the keynote & workshop speakers if held in a physical setting due to inability to find a good seat, distractions from others speaking, need to find parking & get to sessions on time, waiting in line for washrooms, etc...please keep this virtual format, it was much more flexible, enjoyable and productive for myself. Keep up the good work!

Attendee 2020 Virtual STA Convention

I really enjoyed the online learning I did this year. Both of the sessions I attended were some of the most useful/engaging I have participated in over the years.

Attendee 2020 Virtual STA Convention

I loved having the conference online! Friday is not a usual work day for me but I signed up anyway because I was interested in the workshops and didn’t have to deal with driving to a different sight, parking etc. Also I was able to eat food at home that met my dietary needs and not deal with huge crowds and lineups. It would be awesome to give people the option to continue to attend this conference virtually even if we are allowed to meet in person. I think the flexibility of choosing how to attend (in person or online) would be very appreciated by all. It would also cut down on cost of food and site so that more money can be spent on the speakers we attract. Maybe with more time to plan we could even have the vendors offer online shops to participants.

Attendee 2020 Virtual STA Convention

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