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If you ever wanted a game show style buzzer for contestants, err I mean participants, to ring in with we have found what you have been looking for.

This online buzzer allows up to 8 people to use the buzzer in the free version. A larger number of contestants can be purchased for a small fee:

Presenter Instructions

As a presenter simply click Create Game:

Click the Create button under the Free Tier:

Share the game code with the players along with the link to

As the players join they will show up under Players.

After each question remember to hit the spacebar on your keyboard or click Reset ALL Buzzers.

Player Instructions

Go to and enter the game code provided by the presenter as well as your name. Then click Join:

Click the big green buzzer or hit the spacebar on your keyboard to buzzer. The buzzer turns red when buzzed.

You can turn the sound on or off with the checkbox: