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Multi-camera set-up

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In Zoom you can use your device’s built in web cam, present your desktop or slide application, AND you can add another camera view. There are several ways to do that based on what technology you are using and if the second camera needs to be mobile and away from the first camera. We have found a video for each scenario:

Second camera is plugged into the computer/laptop directly

Using AirPlay between your iPhone/iPad as a second camera and another Apple product (iPhone / iPad / Macbook etc.)

This way will only work if both devices are Apple products that support AirPlay.

Signing into your meeting a second time

This is a great solution with several advantages:

  1. It works with any device (Apple or Android) where the Zoom app is available.
  2. Your computer and your phone/tablet do not need to be in the same location so you can walk around the room/garden/house etc. while broadcasting from your phone.