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Organize an Online Conference

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Meeting tech checklist

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Event organizers may choose to have co-hosts/moderators and/or tech helpers complete a tech checklist 10-15 minutes before each session begins. This quick checklist will help to ensure that your session is ready to go and what to do if there should be a problem.

  • Log into the meeting. Is the meeting room link working correctly? If not, contact the Chief Technical Help Officer.
  • Is the presenter present? If not, contact the Speaker Sensei.
  • Is the co-host/moderator present? If not, contact the Moderator Manager.
  • Is the presenter’s screen shared? If not, review how to screen share.
  • Is the presenter’s audio working? If not, double check that the mic is on and review how to share computer audio.
  • Has the waiting room feature been turned off? If not ask them to turn it off so that participants are not blocked from entering the room.
  • Are participants muted upon entrance? If not, review the steps to mute participants upon entree.
  • Does the presenter and/or co-host have any questions or concerns? Contact your event’s Chief Technical Help Officer.

Your event organizers may ask that you report to the Chief Technical Help Officer and/or Speaker Sensei that the session is ready to go or that there issues requiring their attention by email, text, or updating a shared spreadsheet.