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Exhibitor Scavenger Letter Hunt

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Event organizers may choose to offer an exhibitors’ letter scavenger hunt by turning on this feature on their organizer dashboard in easyREG > Online Conference > Letter Hunt. easyREG provides this great feature and organizers are responsible for supplying prizes. Many event organizers request prizes from exhibitors and ask that the exhibitor sends the prize to the winner. Other than potentially supplying a prize exhibitors have not other obligations until the event organizer contacts them with the winner(s)’ name and contact information.

To participate, attendees:

  • Visit an exhibitors’ booth and locate the scratch card on the page.
  • Click, hold, and drag across the scratch card area to “scratch” and reveal the hidden letter.
  • Return to the letter hunt page and select the name of the exhibitor. They enter the letter they found and click Check Letter to validate their match.

Once the attendee has made the required number of matches they will automatically be entered into the prize draw.

A disclaimer should be displayed on the attendee’s site letter hunt page that reads:
By participating in the letter hunt you agree to allow Name of Event Organizers to share your contact information including name, phone number, email address, and mailing address, if applicable, so that the exhibitor can send you your prize.

What should we offer as prizes?

To minimize the cost and effort of distributing prizes we recommend digital prizes such as:

  • electronic gift cards
  • gift card codes for your online store,
  • access to digital resources such as lesson plans, software licenses, movies, etc..

Shipping prizes

If you are donating a physical prize that requires shipping most event organizers will request that you pay for the cost of shipping and handelling.