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Can Exhibitors sponsor Sessions?

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It is your choice if you want exhibitors to be able to sponsor workshops. Your attendees appreciate great workshops as long as they don’t turn into a sales pitch. It is also advisable to inform the attendees in the workshop information if the session is sponsored by an exhibitor or sponsor. It is best to mention if the content presented in the workshop requires the attendees to purchase the products or services in order to use them.

There are several ways that the sponsorship can be acknowledged during a session:

  • Use of the sponsor’s name and/or logo in the presentation.
  • Showing a short video from the sponsor at the start or end of the session.
  • The sponsorship can be mentioned by the presenters of course.
  • If you have someone introducing the presenters then they can also mention the sponsorship.
  • The sponsor logo and website URL can be shown during a rotating slideshow before the event starts.
  • The sponsor can be acknowledged during the opening.