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Support for the Exhibitor Executive

The Exhibitor Executive is responsible for:

Task How does easyREG help?
Maintaining the exhibitor database which contains the names and contact information for all past as well as potential exhibitors easyREG automatically maintains a list of all past exhibitors and new exhibitors can easily be added and rolled over to the next event.
Creating an exhibitor fact sheet that explains how online exhibiting will work and how they can achieve a return on investment (ROI). Online exhibiting is new and will require selling the concept to potential vendors but it is just as good as an in-person event. Attendees will easily access exhibitors' online booths via their web based attendee dashboard page so attendees will not leave your online conference environment or have to download an app. The attendee dashboard works on any web enabled device: computer, laptop, tablet, and even a mobile phone. Each exhibiting organization's customized online exhibit booth includes the ability to:
  • Display and describe who they are and what they have to offer customers.
  • Highlight products and services.
  • Connect with potential customers via a live chat link.
  • Demonstrate their products using recorded and live video presentations.
  • Gather leads by offering prize draws, discounts, and other giveaways.
Advertising, requesting, and encouraging exhibitors to apply to be an online vendor at your conference. easyREG allows to easily email all past exhibitors. With the use of our template as well as just a few clicks you can easily invite them to exhibit again.
Collecting exhibitor applications, their payments as well as issue receipts. The online exhibitor application allows to easily collect the applications. You can start using our standard form template or create your own form based on previous forms. Exhibitors can enter their pertinent contact, descriptive, and any other information that the organizers would like to collect. easyREG has built-in tools to accept or reject exhibitors’ applications and to communicate their status directly with them. When an exhibitor’s application is accepted payment can be collected through easyREG which will also issue a receipt.
Reviewing the exhibitor application and accepting or declining them. easyREG makes it very easy. A simple mouse click accepts or rejects an application. Automatic emails are sent out to the exhibitor to inform them of the decision.
Manage the exhibitors Exhibitors can customize their online presence on through their own dedicated portal page.
Generate ideas for how to promote the exhibitors and for ways that the exhibitors and attendees can interact eg. online meet-ups, demos, games, etc.. easyREG is working on the development of an online scavenger hunt system.
Answer questions and concerns from exhibitors. easyREG provides an extensive How-To resources where many of the answers can be found already. There are also forums where questions can be asked.
Communicating with exhibitors, as required easyREG has prepared messages and the ability to write custom messages and reminders that will be sent to your exhibitors with just a few clicks.
Prepare thank you slides and/or images that can be displayed before sessions or elsewhere. easyREG provides training and support resources on a variety of topics including how to share slides in Zoom.
Sending thank you messages to exhibitors. easyREG has prepared messages and the ability to write custom messages and reminders that will be sent to your exhibitors with just a few clicks.
On the day of, host an online exhibitors desk where exhibitors can check-in and have any questions and concerns immediately answered. easyREG provides the online chat functionality so that exhibitors can contact you if they have questions or concerns.
After the conference follow up with exhibitors for a debrief to learn about what went well and what can be improved. easyREG includes easySURVEY which allows you to effortlessly create and send a feedback survey.