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Privacy – Presenters

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Is it possible that personal information such as an attendee’s name, name of the employer, city, province or country is visible and shared publicly?

There are three scenarios where this can happen:

When joining the online session the attendee is asked to enter their name. If they choose to enter their real name in full then that will be displayed in the meeting.

Presenters can mitigate the risk by telling attendees to either use an abbreviated version of their real name or a pseudonym.

If the attendee is using their webcam then the webcam maybe displayed for all attendees to see during the session.

The presenter can mitigate that by making it acceptable to keep the webcams turned off if people are not feeling comfortable. They can also talk about Privacy at the beginning of the session and establish ground rules.

If the session is being recorded then the name can be shown or the webcam. 

The presenter can mitigate the impact by using the same techniques mentioned in the previous section.

It would also be possible to edit the recording video before it is shared and cover or remove any personal information.