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Support for Speaker Senseis

easyREG is here to help with links to support documents and videos so that the Speaker Sensei can easily complete their responsibilities:

  • Advertising, requesting, and encouraging presenters to submit workshop proposals.
  • Collecting workshop proposals through easyREG to streamline the process. By using easyREG to collect workshop proposals you can get presenters to enter all of the pertinent information about their workshop, eliminating the need for the manual data entry of workshop titles, descriptions, required materials, bios, etc.
  • Some groups choose to have a speakers’ committee who decides collectively which workshops to accept and where they should go in the schedule. The Speaker Sensei can facilitate or chair this decision-making group. EasyREG has built-in tools to accept or reject a workshop proposal and communicate this with the presenter. 
  • If necessary, signing contracts and/or have presenters sign a contract.
  • Scheduling workshops by quickly converting a proposal into a scheduled workshop in easyREG (which is capable of accepting attendee registrations). 
  • Answering presenter questions and concerns. 
  • Communicating with presenters as required, which is easy with easyREG because there are prepared messages and the ability to write custom messages and reminders that will only be sent to your workshop presenters.
  • Supervising or leading dress rehearsals or practise runs. 
  • Training presenters. Access to easyREG’s growing library of training videos and tips and tricks will help presenters become comfortable and fluent in using Zoom to deliver interactive and engaging online presentations.
  • About two weeks before your event introduce speakers to their co-host/moderator so that they can discuss how they will work collaboratively to deliver a great session. If a presenter has chosen to work without a co-host/moderator they should review the short online course how-to co-host/moderate a session (no log-in required if they have the direct link), that includes important information about how to manage participants, preparing a Territorial Acknowledgment, and more. 
  • On the day of, hosting an online presenters’ desk where presenters can check-in and have any questions and concerns immediately answered. Additionally, easyHELP via text and phone are available to answer presenters’ questions.
  • Sending thank you messages to presenters.
  • After each workshop presentation, following-up with presenters for a debrief to learn about what went well and what can be improved. EasyREG includes easySURVEY which allows you to effortlessly create and send a feedback survey.

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