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Support for Registrar Ringmasters

easyREG is a versatile online tool that contains many features. To help you learn and get the most out of easyREG we have created some easy to understand videos that will help you collect and schedule workshops, email presenters, manage registrations, and more. Access to the easyREG instructions is located in the top menu under How-Tos.

The Registration Ringmaster deals with all aspects of registration:

  • Determines the requirements of the registration process
    • What information is collected on the registration form?
    • Are people selecting their workshops during registration?
    • What payment methods are accepted?
    • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Answers questions potential attendees have before they register
  • Answers question attendees have after they registered
  • Helps attendees to make changes to their registration
  • Helps attendees to cancel their registration
  • Issues refunds according to the refund policy once a registration has been cancelled.
  • Helps attendees to transfer their registration, if transfers are allowed.
  • Creates and manages invitation codes (discount codes) if required.

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