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Support for Chief Technical Help Officers

The Chief Technical Help Officer is responsible for:

  • Coordinating technical logistics but by choosing to work with easyREG the online logistics have been looked after for you but you may need to assist presenters with how to technically present online so they will need information about using cameras, mics, and lighting effectively.
  • Advertising, requesting, and encouraging volunteer tech helpers to apply to be a workshop tech advisor who will answer or escalate any technical issues.
  • Collecting technical helpers applications through easyREG which streamlines the process. Tech helpers can enter all of the pertinent contact and any other information that the organizers would like to collect.
  • Creating or editing our tech checklist that a tech helper is to complete when they enter a meeting room. easyREG will draft and share a version with you soon.
  • Assigning tech helpers to the specific workshop(s) that they will be responsible for.
  • Answering questions and concerns from tech helpers.
  • Communicating with tech helpers as required which is easy with easyREG because there are prepared messages and the ability to write custom messages and reminders that will only be sent to your tech helpers .
  • Supervising or leading dress rehearsals or practice runs with tech helpers
  • Training tech helpers. Access to easyREG’s growing library of training videos and tips and tricks that will help tech helpers become comfortable and fluent in using Zoom’s tools to become an effective workshop tech helper.
  • Offer technical easyHELP desk  to offer support by text message through a web page. Learn more about easyHELP.
  • Sending thank you messages to the volunteer tech helpers.
  • After each workshop presentation follow-up with tech helpers for a debrief to learn about what went well and what can be improved. easyREG includes easySURVEY which allows you to effortlessly create and send a feedback survey.