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Sponsoring an online conference

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Sponsorship can generate additional financial support and benefits for your event. Partnering sponsors can offer you a financial investment, benefit in kind like the donation or reduction in cost of products or services, or brand association that can potentially boost both of your brand reputations.

Sponsors need a return on their investment so you will need to create ways for them to feel that they are gaining something of value by partnering with you. Most organizations create a document that describes two or more tiers of support and states what the sponsor needs to contribute and lists the benefits that you can offer to them. Many of these benefits will not cost you anything but offer your sponsor great exposure to a niche market. Benefits that you can extended to potential sponsors during an online conference may include:

Banner placement on the online conference site
Similar to a physical banner hung at the conference venue a web banner is a predominant visual element on the attendees dashboard web page. A 971×120 pixel banner image can be featured on the attendees’ home, schedule, and/or workshop pages. Multiple banners can be uploaded for each page and will display for five seconds before cycling to the next image.

A video message from the sponsor posted on the online conference site
A YouTube or Vimeo video can be embedded on the online conference site.

A sponsored workshop session
The sponsor can be acknowledged on the workshop page and/or at the beginning of the workshop by playing a short video, presenting a slide and saying an acknowledgement.

A sponsored keynote
The sponsor can be acknowledged on the keynote webpage or at the beginning of the keynote.

Acknowledgement at the opening
The sponsor can be acknowledged when the event is opened.

Sponsoring of items for a virtual goodie bag
Examples of sponsored items can be discounts for their online shops, electronic gift cards, free trials, downloads, resources, etc.

Placement of logo and link on the event website
Just like for an in-person event you can place sponsor logo on the evnet web site and multiple logos can be presented on an image slider that changes the displayed image every few seconds.

Social media, print, and web
Recognize your sponsors on your social media platforms, on printed advertising, in your newsletter, and on your website.