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How many online meeting rooms do I need?

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For event organizers, a major advantage of an online conference over an in-person conference is that online meeting rooms are scalable; therefore when a session proves to be popular you can quickly respond by adding more spaces even at the last minute. The number of accounts doesn’t have to be determined at the beginning of the scheduling process as accounts can be added at any time but this still leaves an organizer with the question of how many online room accounts will I need?

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  • One online meeting room for conference organizers to use all day to maintain communication
  • One online meeting room account for each concurrent session OR one online meeting room account for each presenter
  • Webinar rooms that can accommodate over 300 attendees for opening, keynote, and closing presentations
  • Social rooms are fun
  • Account sizes can be adjusted if required, even at the last minute
  • The number of accounts doesn’t have to be determined in the beginning and more accounts can be added at any time
Contact Martin at for a room request sheet.

How many rooms do I need?

It is highly recommended that you have an online meeting room account for your conference committee to use all day so that you can easily communicate with each other should the need arise. Speaking to another team member face-to-face is faster than texting a message when you have to solve a problem quickly.

The number of online room accounts that you will need for sessions is dependent upon your schedule, the number of sessions that you are offering, and whether you would like presenters to share accounts. You need to decide if you want:

One online meeting room account for each concurrent session

One account for each session that you want to run concurrently—sessions that are occurring during the same period of time is a cost saving solution. For example, in time slot A you plan on offering three workshops concurrently so you will require three meeting room accounts. You can reuse those same three meeting room accounts in all of your subsequent time slots if your presenters don’t mind sharing accounts. This approach is more economical but it means that multiple presenters will be sharing the same account and will need to respect the times when they can use the online room for their presentation.


One online meeting room account for each presenter

If your presenters are presenting more than one session you may choose to assign one meeting room account per presenter, which makes it logistically easier for the presenter. This option may be more costly for the conference organizer depending upon the number of presenters who are presenting single sessions. Online meeting room access information is given to presenters about two weeks before the event so that presenters can familiarize and practice with the technology.

You may want to have one or more online hangout rooms for your attendees to pop into and socialize during a coffee break, lunch time, happy hour, etc.. A fun activity to use in a social room is the breakout room feature to randomly group attendees in a speed meet and greet.

While an online meeting room can accommodate up to 300 attendees you may need a webinar room that can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees for your opening, keynote, and/or closing presentations. Webinar rooms have different features than an online meeting room but can accommodate a larger capacity of attendees.

You may want to have a drop-in Zoom help desk in addition to your easyHELP desk. Learn more about easyHELP.

What else do I need to know?

Yes, you can use the room for all days of your event.

We suggest to give the presenters two weeks time before the event in order to prepare. At that point the rooms need to be ordered and assigned.

Yes, the online meeting rooms come with a capacity of 100 or 300. If a session proves to be popular then you can easily increase the size to accommodate more people.

We allow access to the rooms for 7 days after the event. That allows you or your presenters enough time to download recordings or reports. See our helpful article to record or not to record.

Please note that the following fees are subject to change without notice.