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Organize an Online Conference

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Costs of an online conference

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Costs of an Online Conference

The following are points for any organizing committee to consider when planning an online conference.

How much does the keynote speaker cost? Are there any additional expenses to pay? Is the keynote speaker willing to deliver their presentation online? Does the keynote speaker have the necessary technical equipment?

Do you offer an honorarium to your presenters or do you need to pay a specific fee? Do you need to cover their expenses? Consider all of the costs associated with presenters.

How will presenters register for your event? What information do you need to collect? How can attendees change their registration after they have registered? What is your cancellation and refund policy? 

You will need an online meeting account for each workshop that you are running in parallel. 
Let’s use an example to figure out how many accounts you need:
You are having one time slot for workshops from 10:30am–12:00pm in the morning and a second from 1:00–2:30 pm in the afternoon. In the morning you will run 8 workshops and in the afternoon 7 workshops.
Based on the example you need to take higher number so you will need 8 accounts. You can reuse your accounts for non-concurrent workshops. Learn more information about calculating how many accounts you will need.

Savings for an Online Conference

There are no costs related to a physical venue such as a hotel, conference centre, school, etc.

There is no cost for audio-visual equipment such as projectors, screens, mics, speakers, etc.

There are no catering costs for virtual event so you will not be paying for lunches, snacks, coffee, tea, water, lunch, etc.

There is no need to pay for travel expenses including hotel, meals, car rentals, taxis, ride share costs, mileage, parking, or incidentals for the keynote speaker, workshop presenters, members of the conference committee, etc.

You will probably require less staff to run an online event. Any staff required will work less time as they don’t have to travel or stay overnight saving you even more money.

There is no need for security staff because online events have built-in security measures by the fact that each attendee has an individualized event dashboard to access their sessions.

There are no costs for signage or banners to direct attendees at an online event.

No cost to print name tags, purchase packages of badges, lanyards, plastic holders, etc. at a virtual event so there is not only a cost savings but there is also less potential waste.