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Organize an Online Conference

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Start - Planning of the Event

Get started by completing and returning our 2020 Virtual Conference Questionnaire. We will setup the account and for your event. Expect to receive two emails from us regarding your account set-up:

  1. Your easyREG user account
  2. Your welcome email

Months in advance

Collection of Workshops/Keynotes

Use the easyREG workshop proposal form to make your job a lot more efficient. The form is easy to set-up and collects all the information you will need from potential presenters.

If you collected workshop information using a different method we can provide instructions on how to import the information into easyREG or do it for you.

Creating the Schedule

Your event schedule can be the same as your previous in-person events or you may choose to shorten the length of sessions to avoid Zoom fatigue. Remember to include enough time between sessions for attendees and presenters to have a break. Using a spreadsheet or post-it notes on paper draft your schedule and assign presenters to a session time.

Complete and return the Questionnaire - Program.

Months in advance

Exhibitor Applications

Use easyREG to collect exhibitor applications and securely process payments. Complete and return the 2020 Virtual Conference Questionnaire - Exhibitors and we will set-up your exhibitor application online form.

More about online exhibiting

Sponsor Applications

Use easyREG to collect sponsor applications and payments. Contact us at for more information.

More about sponsorships

Setting up Registration

Complete and return the 2020 Virtual Conference Questionnaire - Fees & Membership so that we can set-up your event registration for you. You will receive a link and instructions about how to test and provide feedback about your registration set-up. After approving your registration set-up we will open registration to the public.

Read this article for help determining conference fees.

More about setting up registration

Managing Registrations

Once people have started to register you can easily manage registration issues including:

For additional help visit our support site for easyREG instructions, attend one of our free drop-in sessions, or  email us at

Marketing your event

Consider who are your event's target  and what are the best ways to reach them? Create a focused written and visual message to communicate the benefits and value of your event. Design a brand identity and create coordinated marketing collateral materials to use in print, web, and social media. 

More about marketing your event Months before your event

Recruit tech helpers

Depending upon the number of sessions that your event is hosting you may want to recruit volunteer tech helpers. Alternatively, you may chose to have your cohosts/moderators complete the tech checklist. Have a tech helper for every 3-5 sessions. Tech helpers will check into the room 5-10 minutes before the session starts and complete the tech checklist.

4+ weeks in advance

Presenter Support and Training

Whether your presenters are experienced online presenters or rookies we offer support for your presenters:

4+ weeks in advance

Recruit cohosts/moderators

Having a cohost or moderator manage the chat, operate the polls, and other features during the session lets the presenter focus on their presentation. 

Recruit cohosts/moderators and pair them with presenters. Online training for cohosts/moderators is available through a quick and easy course called How-to Cohost/Moderate a Session. No sign-up required when they use the direct link. Cohosts/moderators may attend their presenter's trial run if they'd like.

2-4 weeks before

Ordering your Online Meeting Rooms

Three weeks before the conference is the ideal time to order your online meeting rooms. You should now have an idea how many and what size rooms you will need. Complete and return our 2020 Online Conference Questionnaire - Rooms.

How many rooms do we need? About 3 weeks before the conference

Assigning accounts to presenters and creating meetings

Complete and return the 2020 Virtual Conference Questionnaire - Rooms so that easyREG can create the meeting room accounts and assign them to the presenters.

Now you can inform the presenters of their accounts using easyREG's built in email system so that presenters can practice, explore features, and set-up polls in their online meeting environment. Presenters will access their meeting rooms through a personalized presenter web page that also allows them to add a bio, post supply lists, and upload files that participants can view and access through their personalized web page.

You can now download a spreadsheet from easyREG that includes presenters' Zoom room addresses. You can import this spreadsheet into a shared application like Google Sheets and use it as a communication tool for your organization team, tech helpers, and cohosts. 

More about presenting online About 2 weeks before

Trial Runs for Presenters

Practice makes perfect. To help ensure that your event runs smoothly we will be offering every presenter a trial run. The purpose of the trial run is to:

  • Ensure that presenters know how to log-in and start a meeting session
  • Test presenters' audio and video
  • Answer presenters' questions 

More about trial runs 1-2 weeks before

Getting ready for the event

  • Set-up the online conference environment for attendees. This is easy as selecting the features that you need. A video tutorial coming soon.
  • Now is a good time to assign or review the day-of roles for your organizational team.
  • You will receive your easyHELP 800 number that you can include in emails to attendees, presenters, and exhibitors.
  • Optional: Closing registration
  • Prepare surveys using easySURVEY

The week before the event

Email attendees how to access the event site

  • Email all attendees their individualized event access information. Attendees will access their sessions, exhibitors, and more from a personalized web page. An email template will be available for you to customize in easyREG. 
  • After you have sent the email to attendees about how to access the online conference site update your registration confirmation email in > Registrations (sidebar) > Setup (top button).
  • Email all presenters their access information. Presenters can upload files and find links to their meeting room sessions from their personalized presenter web page. 

More about sending emails 3-5 days before the event

The Day of the Event

The big day has come! There are a few things for your do for your organizing team to do today:

  • Manage common meetings like opening remarks, keynotes, AGM, closing ceremonies, etc.
  • Have tech helpers check each session just before it begins.
  • Send out surveys to attendees after each session using  easySURVEY.
  • Staff an easyHELP desk where presenters, participants, exhibitors, and cohosts can ask questions and seek immediate assistance by text message. Learn more about running an easyHELP desk.
  • Attend and enjoy a session.

Day of the event

Thank yous and sending surveys to attendees, exhibitors, and presenters

As sessions finish and/or at the end of the day email thank yous, final messages, and surveys. Using the easySURVEY that you customized a few weeks ago will make it simple to collect feedback from participants, exhibitors, and presenters. You can download the results and share the information with presenters and others.

Day of or the day after the event

Export of Membership File

After everything is wrapped up, easily export and download a membership file. 

1-3 weeks after the conference

Financial Wrap-Up

The conference is done so now is the time to make sure everything is in good financial order:

  • Issue any outstanding refunds.
  • Collect any outstanding payments.

Weeks after the conference

Final Financial Statement

About a month after the event we will issue the final financial statement and the final payment by paying out any amounts that were previously withheld. We will no longer be able to issue refunds after the final statement and payment.

About a month after