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Organize an Online Conference

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  1. PSA Day Organizers' Due Dates
  2. Getting Started
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  3. Support for Speaker Senseis
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  4. Support for Registrar Ringmasters
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  5. Support for Moderator Managers
  6. Support for the Exhibitor Executive
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  7. Support for Chief Technical Help Officers
  8. Sponsors
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  9. Getting ready for the big day
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  10. The day of the the event
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  11. Other Resources
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  12. Recordings of previous Drop-In Hours
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  13. Trial Run
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Registrations on the day of the conference

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It is possible to allow people to register even on the day of the event. You simply leave registration open or reopen it if it was closed.

Changing the Automatic Confirmation Email

You will need to make changes to the automatic confirmation email if you allow for registrations after you sent out the links to the online conference site. Simply add the instructions on how to access the online conference site to the confirmation email.