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easyHELP online help desk

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easyHELP is an easy to use web page that enables you to send and receive text messages so that you can provide an easyHELP desk. easyREG will assign your event an 800-number that enables participants, exhibitors, presenters, and cohost to ask questions or seek assistance and a member of your team quickly types replies through the easyHELP webpage. easyREG recommends that you prepare responses in advance to frequently asked questions using a shared document so that any member of your team can quickly copy and paste accurate and consistent responses.

Additional support options that your event can offer are using an email address and a Zoom room where attendees can drop-in an ask questions. A potential problem with using a Zoom room to offer help is if the attendee is having difficulties accessing Zoom. Also, remember to request a room for this purpose when ordering rooms for your event.

If your team encounters a technical problem and requires additional assistance your Chief Technical Help Officer will be able to reach out to easyREG for help.

Whatever methods you and your team choose to you use you can easily communicate them by email to participants through the easyREG administrative web site.