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Help desks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Note: This document is a work in progress. Please email with any additional questions that you would like added and any editing corrections.

Before your event try to think of the questions you will be asked. Record those answers in a shared document so that anyone giving help by text or email can quickly copy and paste a response.

The following are some examples of FAQs that may be asked at an online event.


When will the conference go live?

  • 2-3 before your event date PSAs may choose to open the participant event site. You will need to change your registration confirmation email content that is sent out when a participant registers so that they receive their event access.

What’s the schedule? When’s lunch?

  • Participants will access the event and a complete schedule using a personalized participant event site. Event organizers are responsible for sending the email from within easyREG to participants. easyREG will prepare an email template that you are welcome to customize.

Will there be exhibitors?

  • Depends on the PSA. If yes, the answer is: Yes! There will be a variety of exhibitors and many will have prize draws, demos, and live video chats. Check out each booth for special offers and to play the letter hunt to be eligible to win prizes.

Will there be any social events?

Will there be an AGM?


I didn’t receive an email with my registration information.

  • Check your junk folder
  • Districts a blocking emails from so please ask your district to whitelist and provide an alternative email address when you register
  • Double check your registration list and resend the registration email from again to the individual.

I need a receipt.

  • Participants can download their own receipt from their participant event site on the My Profile page.

Can I switch sessions?

  • This is a question that your organization will need to develop a position on. Yes, it is possible to allow participants to switch their workshops from their participant event site and this option can be turned off.

Participants are registering at the last minute, how do I send them their event access information?

  • Update your registration receipt email template to include information about how to access their participant event site. The easiest way to do this is copy and paste from one email template into the other.

I can no longer attend; can I receive a refund?

  • Depends on your PSA’s refund policy.

I can no longer attend; can someone else go in my place?

  • Depends on your PSA’s transfer policy. Create an invitation code for the person who will be attending so that they don’t pay anything and can register. Then cancel the first registration without issuing a refund. Make a note of why the registration was cancelled without refund.



Do I need a Zoom account to access my sessions?

  • No, you don’t need to have a zoom account to access the sessions but we do recommend that you use the Zoom application instead of the browser for the best user-experience.

How do I install Zoom?

  • There will be a link in your event email to instructions for installing Zoom.

How do I connect to my sessions?

  • You will receive an email from your event organizers that contains a link to your participant event site and your log-in credentials. Click the link, enter the email address that you used to register and your registration code.

Do I need to use a laptop or computer to participate in the sessions?

  • No, but a bigger screen is a more enjoyable experience so consider casting or connecting your smaller screen to your TV.

Do I need to watch the session at the time posted and is the what time zone?

  • Yes, the sessions are synchronous. The times are posted are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

How do we offer participants and presenters registration and technical support?

  • Have a plan that includes who will offer support and to whom and how issues will be communicated.
  • For example, registration problems should be communicated with the Registration Ringmaster, presenters’ questions may be directed to the Speaker Sensei depending on the concern, and technical problems should be brought to the attention of the Chief Technical Help Officer.
  • Participants and participants can text or email your Chief Technical Help Officer for help. easyREG will set up each event with an 800 number that can be used to request assistance and ask questions. You can include the text number and email in your pre-event email to participants and at the bottom of the page on the participant event site.
  • The first line of technical support should be from the event organizers. Have a Chief Technical Help Officer and a few tech helpers and/or cohosts available to help individuals with their tech problems and to do tech checks #### 5-10 minutes before the start of each session. Also encourage your cohosts to offer technical support to presenters and participants during the sessions.
  • If a cohost or tech helper can’t resolve an issue then they should communicated to the CORRENT PERSON with the Chief Technical Help Officer who will try their best to solve the problem.
  • If a Chief Technical Help Officer cannot solve the problem, and the issue is related to using Zoom or their accessing sessions then contact easyREG for help by text at ###.
  • Communicating technical issues
  • You may want to use a shared document or spreadsheet to track that the tech checks have been completed and that everything is ok or that there are issues that they are attempting to be solved or that they need help. For example, you could use a spreadsheet that uses colour coding to show if a session has not completed the tech check checklist-white, everything is ok – green, working through and issue – yellow, and need assistance – red:
Session time Session title Tech checker Status Describe issue if help is needed Zoom link
10-11am How to write FAQs Fiona Green


10-11am Top 10 writing prompts Chang Red Sharing video sound


10-11am Convert curious customers Manuel



What do we do if there is a problem that we can’t solve?

  • If the problem is with the participant’s equipment or device our best advice is ask them to restart and try logging in again. Neither you or easyREG are responsible to get their computer to work.
  • If you have a problem participant or presenter with a problem accessing their registration and/or Zoom that you can’t solve then a member of your organizing team should contact easyREG. Please have the contact information for the person who needs help.


Will the session(s) be recorded?