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Use polling to conduct votes

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The polling feature allows you to conduct voting and record the results. Attendees can select one choice from a list of options relating to a question. For example, if you are using Robert’s Rules you will want to make the response options: in favour, opposed, and abstain. Hosts and co-hosts can see the level of participation in responding to a question so they know when to close the poll. Results of a vote can be shared or remain confidential.

A couple of tips:

  • Once a poll has been shared it cannot be unshared, including during practice mode.
  • The character count for the poll questions and answers is relatively low so it is best to prepare your wording in advance. 


Zoom polls are acceptable for voting on motions and they can be used to for elections if there is a way to ensure that it is only BCTF Members (full-time and part-time public school teachers, TTOCs, teachers who were active BCTF members when they retired and pre-service teachers). PSA subscribers are not permitted to vote in PSA AGMS.

For some of the bigger PSAs, where they have multiple contested elections, they may need to use Simply Voting to run a more formal election process.

It has been recommended that PSAs run their election process during their AGM, but if elected positions are contested, they can run the online election for those positions afterwards and then release the formal results at a later point in time. This makes the process a bit easier, because there has to be a call for nominations from the floor, so it is impossible to set up the polls ahead of time.

Learn more about using Zoom polling for webinars and polling for meetings.