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Q&A vs Chat in a webinar

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A Q&A is only available in webinars and chat is an available feature in both webinars and meetings.

It is recommended that the Q&A feature is used with larger groups because there are controls available to hosts, co-hosts, and panelists to manage the incoming comments and questions. Learn how to use Q&A. Additionally, the Zoom webinar Question and Answer (Q&A) feature allows attendees to ask the host, co-hosts, and panelists questions during the session. Questions can be answered live by the host, co-hosts, or panelists typing a response or verbally responding. There are different options that can be activated to allow attendees to answer and to up-vote others’ questions. A major advantage of Q&A over the chat is that the Q&A can be moderated so you can control, manage, and respond to queries and comments. More information about how to customize Zoom’s Q&A options

The chat feature is available in Zoom meetings and webinars and works very similarly to the Q&A feature except that by default attendees can communicate with other attendees, the host, co-hosts, and panelists. More information about how to customize Zoom’s chat options. The chat can get very busy and speed by quicker than you can read it and the chat may be off topic and distracting so it is possible to disable the chat or control who can see what is typed into the chat.   

A good rule of thumb is to explain to attendees at the start of the meeting what are the expectations for using the chat and Q&A as they can be very useful tools for sharing files and passing motions.