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Planning your presentation

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Planning your presentation

Peter Khoury uses the acronym PACES to prepare for online presentations:

Plan: be prepared by planning your presentation and practicing with your technology. Start your workshop several minutes early by using a waiting room to allow attendees to join the room so that you can begin on time.

Audience: Know who you are speaking to in advance and engage them within the first two minutes in a meaningful and not self-serving way.

Content: Your slides will be visible to the audience the majority of the time so carefully design your visuals but keep it simple by limiting the amount of content on each slide. Quick tips for creating effective presentation slides and more detailed information.  

Engagement: use the built-in features engagement features in meaningful ways to let your audience feel like they are right there with you and don’t use engagement just for the sake of engagement. Administrative access will be enabled for the following features in Zoom: 

Voice participation–Note: allowing participants to participate by speaking during your session will require you to clearly set behaviour expectations for participants. Your moderator can control participants’ features like muting. 

Socialization: Use the word “you” to engage your audience and ask them questions that they can respond to by using reactions, audio or video, or by typing in the chat. For example, “Let me know in the chat if you can clearly hear me.”