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The following roles relate to the technical roles during a Zoom Webinars

The host of the meeting or webinar is the person who has scheduled the session. They have full authority over all of the management features during the session like assigning co-host and panelist roles, starting and stopping the webinar, muting, removing attendees, and more. It is recommended that the person chairing is not the session host so that they can focus on presenting and speaking and not on the technical logistics.

Co-hosts have the ability to control most of the same features as a host like managing attendees but they cannot start/stop a webinar. The host is responsible for assigning a co-host or multiple if required. 

Panelists have the ability to present during a session by sharing screen, video, audio, and more. The host assigns panelist permissions to as many people as required and can still manage panelists by disabling features. 

Attendees are participants in the session and their video viewing, audio, mic, and abilities to participate in the Q&A and chat are controlled by the host and co-hosts. It is important that attendees have the ability to “communicate with other participants” so it is important to establish at the beginning of the session expectations for behaviour and how attendees can participate and interact. You may need to demonstrate or walk attendees through where to find the chat, Q&A, raise hand feature, and unmuting their mic. For example, you may want to request that attendees do not engage in “side chatter” in the chat as it can be distracting. Finally, a great way to create a speakers list is to use the Q&A function or use the raise hand feature.

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