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An online AGM runs much more smoothly if you have the following roles:


Presenters are anyone who will be giving a report or presentation during the meeting. Presenters should be added as panelists by the host or co-hosts so that they may share their screen and audio with everyone. 

Poll Manager

The poll manager is the host or a co-host who is responsible for setting up, launching, and sharing the results of the polls during the AGM. 

Chat and Motion Manager

Chat and Motion Manager is the host or a co-host who is responsible for notifying the meeting chair that quorum has been met, that there is a motion, and any questions related to the current motion prior to passing. Motions should be communicated via chat by typing “first” or “second” to avoid attendees talking over top of one another. If using a webinar, questions should be typed into the Q&A so that the flow of questions can be managed.

Tech Support

Tech Support is the host or a co-host who is answering technical related questions in the chat and available if any issues should arise for any of the presenters. It can be helpful if everyone presenting has the Tech Support person’s phone number so that they can call or text for help.


If you are asking attendees to register in advance someone should be available to answer any questions they may have about participating in your online AGM. This person can also send reminders and the log-in information but remember not overwhelm your participants’ inboxes. Remember if you are using easyREG communicating the webinar information is easy because it will automatically appear on the attendee’s dashboard if they have registered for your PSA day conference.

Room Gatekeeper

You may want to use a waiting room for meeting rooms or a practice sessions for webinars as a way to only admit those who should be attending your meeting. If you decide to go this route you will need a co-host who will manage who is entering the room and if required removing them from the room. This person should also be the one muting and unmuting all attendees and panelists mics during the session.