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Present live demonstrations on your booth by entering your Zoom session credentials. When an attendee visits your booth they can click the Live Demo button to join you. Once they have joined the Zoom meeting you can demonstrate your products and services and answer questions.

How to set-up your live demo link

Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page after making any changes.

  1. In Zoom, create a meeting.
  2. On your exhibitor booth site go to the Left sidebar > Click Live Demo.
  3. Toggle the Display Live Demo Link to Yes.
  4. When you are ready to present a live demo select the Yes radio button. 
  5. Optionally change the live demo button label.
  6. Enter a brief description about your demo.
  7. Enter your Zoom meeting information including:
    • Meeting link
    • Meeting ID
    • Meeting Password
    • Option: Enter meeting instructions
  8. Click Save.

Remember to toggle the Yes/No radio button for “Is the demo currently meeting?” when you want to present your demos.

Live demo top

On your booth, visitors will see a Live Demo button. There is also a flag on your exhibitor profile card on the exhibitors’ home page that notifies attendees that you’re offering a live demo.

live demo button

After clicking your Live Demo button a dialogue will appear with a link to your that will open to your Live Demo in Zoom.

Live demo dialogue