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Connect with your visitors in-person by using Zoom. You can integrate a Zoom meeting link onto your page and indicate when you are available to chat. 

How to set-up live chat

You will require your own Zoom account to set-up the chat feature. We recommend using Zoom because all of the attendees sessions are presented using Zoom and it won’t require attendees to use another technology.

Remember to click Save, which is found at the bottom of the page, after you make any changes. 

This step may be done on the day of your event. To let attendees know that you are available chat you can display a badge on your profile card and a link on your site. Instructions are below. 

live chat set-up 1

Profile card showing live chat online flag.

profile card

On your booth a live chat button will be displayed

live chat button

The message will be displayed after an attended clicks your Live Chat button. 

Below is an example of what attendees will see it includes your greeting, Zoom meeting information and a convenient Join Live Chat button.

chat dialogue

How to input your Zoom meeting information

  1. In Zoom set-up your meeting. 
  2. In your exhibitor site enter the following information:
    • Meeting link
    • Meeting ID
    • Meeting Passcode
    • Optionally add any meeting instructions
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Let attendees know that you are available to chat by displaying the Live Chat link on your booth and badge on your profile card on the exhibitors’ home page. 

  1. Toggle to yes to display the Live Chat Link and the Live Chat Button.
  2. Option: Change the label of the Live Chat Button.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

live chat set-up 1