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Get your booth noticed

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The following are some easy ways to get attendees to notice your booth:

  • On the exhibitors’ home page keep your text brief, use a colourful graphic or your logo, and participate in options that will add badges to your like the live chat and prize draws.
  • Ask your event organizers about purchasing a banner ad on the attendees’ conference site home, schedule, and/or workshop page. The link from your banner can go directly to your booth or your organization’s personal web page.
  • Schedule and promote reasons for people to drop by your booth like demonstrations, tips and tricks, and Q&A sessions.
  • Ask if you can sponsor a pre, lunch time, and/or post social activity.
  • On your booth keep your text brief and write with your audience in mind. People scan a page when reading online so use titles to grab the readers’ attention and offer them relevant content.
  • Add a prize draw to encourage people to visit your page.
  • Offer a discount or prize to anyone who chats live with you via Zoom.

Share your ideas and suggestions for how to attract visitors to your booth.