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Through your personal exhibitors site interface you can easily customize your organization’s contact information including:

  • Name and contact information of the booth manager
  • Address
  • Website URL
  • Description of products and services
  • Company logo – will appear at the top of your booth and on the exhibitors’ home page on your profile card.
  • Description Text – Exhibitor Hall text will appear on the exhibitors’ home page on your profile card. Tip: Only write a brief teaser and add a longer and more descriptive information in the Text – Booth area. 

Click on the images to see the details.

How to edit your company information?

It is very easy to edit the company information. Edits become live instantly and you can preview the changes after theu were saved.

Step 1 : Selecting which information to edit
Click the tab that you want to edit.
Step 2 : Update the fields in that tab
Make the changes you would like to make.
Step 3 : Repeat Step 1 and 2 if needed
You can switch to a different tab and change more information.
Step 4 : Save the changes
Click the Save button to update the information.