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Exhibitors in K-12 Education Town Hall

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, easyREG hosted an exhibitors’ town hall to gain insight into exhibitors’ needs when exhibiting online. 91 people attended the town hall of which 73% of attendees were exhibitors. Only 9% had previously exhibited online. The remaining attendees were primarily conference organizers.

Multiple questions were posed by easyREG about what features exhibitors would like in an online environment and the most popular options were:

  • 78%  would like the ability to chat via video or text with attendees.
  • 71%  would like an exhibitor highlighting page or online booth that would create an online presence on the attendees’ event dashboard and help drive traffic to their organization’s web page.
  • 68%  would like to have a video or image carousel on their online booth page that features products/services, interviews, testimonials, etc..
  • 59%  were interested in having the ability to book an appointment to chat with attendees via video or phone.
  • 45%  were interested in hosting short demos or presentations and then accepting questions.
  • 35%  were interested in participating in digital goodie bags.

71% of exhibitors are expecting to pay at least 25% less than when they exhibit in person. Something else for conference organizers and exhibitors to consider is how to drive traffic to the online booths so that exhibitors receive a return on their investments. Potential ideas that were shared during the town hall included: attendees visit booths to fill up their online goody bags, scavenger hunts, bingos, and passports.

easyREG is exploring ways to reduce time and costs for exhibitors like making it easy for exhibitors to host their online booth at multiple easyREG hosted events without having to recreate their online presence each time. By enabling exhibitors to enter their own details via a personalized portal page will save organizers’ valuable time.

Multiple exhibitors asked questions that are decisions that need to be made by conference organizers but are possible for easyREG to do from a technical point-of-view. The exhibitors’ questions are potential sponsorship opportunities for organizers and included: presenting a video advertisement before a workshop or keynote, access to the attendees names and contact information, and offering prize draws for visiting their booth.

When exhibitors were polled at the end of the town hall 76% said that they would be willing to exhibit online, 24% said maybe, and nobody said no. Many of the exhibitors said that they are eager to experience what online exhibiting will look and feel like, so stay tuned for a demonstration very soon.

Contact easyREG at 0833.EASYREG (0833.327.9734) or if you would like more information about how easyREG can help you host your next online event or trade show.

Recording of the Town Hall