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Testing the registration process to make sure the correct fees have been setup

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  • We use the information collected during the registration process to calculate the fees. This is different from other systems that let people pick a registration type at the beginning.
  • The fees are calculated and displayed on the Review screen near the end of the registration steps.
  • You can test the fee calculation by simply going back in the registration steps to the applicable step and change the form element that influences the fees. Typical fields that change the fee are:
    • Days that the attendee wants to attend (for multiple-day events) – usually at the top of the Personal Information step
    • Other fields on the Personal Information step like ‘Are you a student?’ or ‘Are you a presenter?’
    • Type of Membership – on the Membership step
    • Renewal or purchase of membership – on the Membership step
    • Specific workshop fees charged at the time of registration
    • Optional activities that can be purchased such as access to a dinner or social event
  • We will tell you by email which fields determine the fees to be charged.